MD-11 F Charter, Boeing MD-11 Freighter, McDonnell Douglas

The MD-11, Boeing MD-11 Freighter, Mc Donnell Douglas MD-11 is a heavy cargo aircraft - up to 91 tons payload, 26 main deck pallet positions, large side cargo door , two belly freight sections, pressurized suitable for consumer goods of all kinds, heavy machinery, oversize equipment, oil & gas equipment, aerospace industry equipment and satellites, aid & relief & peacekeeping cargo as well as military cargo transportation.

MD11 F Charter, McDonnell Douglas, DC10 30F, freighter, heavy cargo aircraft

Charter or lease an aircraft

To charter the MD-11 freighter aircraft you simply either give us a call and explain your charter needs or you do contact us via e-mail or telefax , it does not matter if you are interested in a one way charter flight, full round trip rotation or even an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) charter lease agreement, contact us and we will work on a charter contract which will suit your needs.

Cargo Cabin
Cargo Cabin Details McDonnell Douglas MD11 F
General dimensions and information
Length 61,20 meter
Wingspan 51,70 meter
Height 18,00 meter
Cruising speed 870 km per hour
Max altitude 43.200 meter
Max take-off weight 285.900 kgs
Max gross payload 91.670 kgs
Range (Max payload 4.800 kms
Cargo door dimensions
Nose cargo door N/A
Rear cargo door N/A
Side cargo door 355 259 cms (w x h)
Belly cargo door 177 168 cms (w x h)
Paylaod 85.000 kgs
Total volume 600 cubic meter
Pallets main deck 26 pallets
Pallets belly 32 LD3 container

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