Boeing 767-300F Charter

The 767-300 is a medium cargo aircraft up to 54 tons payload suitable for medium to long haul cargo flights. This twin engine aircraft does have a large cargo side door and the cargo cabin is temperature controlled allowing transportation of perishables and live stock. The B767 requires a crew of two and shares a common rating with the B757.

The cargo cabin can take up to 24 main deck pallet positions and in combination with the lower deck forward and aft section, a total usuable volume of 450 cubic meter is available. The upper and lower deck cargo systems are fully automated. The maximum load range of this aircraft is over 6000 kilometer and the empty ferry range is nearly 11000 kilometer at a cruise speed of 850 kilometer per hour. Over 950 aircrafts, with various takeoff weights are currently operated and supported worldwide. The B767 is a mid sized freighter aircraft and carries industrial products and consumer goods on various routes across regional and intercontinental markets in Africa, Asia, The Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian Gulf, South Asia and South-East Asia, Europe and even across the Atlantic in North,- Middle and South America.

Boeing B767-300F, charter, mid sized freighter aircraft, transporting perishables, live stock, industrial products, consumer goods,

Charter or lease an aircraft

To charter a 767-300 cargo aircraft you simply either give us a call and explain your charter needs or you do contact us via e-mail or telefax, it does not matter if you are interested in a on way charter flight, full round trip rotation or even an ACMI ( aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) charter wet lease agreement, contact us and we will work on a charter contract which will suit your needs.

The 767 aircraft does have several different types and versions, also known as

  • B767-200F
  • B767-300BDSF at MTOW 351.000 lbs
  • 22 side-by-side A2 modified container plus two transverse A2 container
  • B767-300BDSF ER Extended Range at MTOW 412.000 lbs
General dimensions and information
Length 54.94 meter
Wingspan 47.57 meter
Height 15,85 meter
Cruising speed 530 mph
Max altitude 35.000 ft
Max take-off weight 412.000 lbs
Max gross payload 54.000 kgs
Range (Max payload) 6.025 kilometer
Max fuel capacity 9.0770 liter
Cargo Cabin Dimensions
Length 38,90 meter
Cargo door dimensions
Main side cargo door 3.40 2.50 Meter / width x height
Belly cargo door 1.78 1.70 Meter / width x height
Paylaod 54.000 kgs
Total cargo volume 450 cubic meter

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