Cargo Aircraft and Helicopter Charter

From relief operations to remote airstrips, industrial loads of any kind, to and from any airport around the globe. Regular charter operations or outstanding heavy-lifts up to 250 tons of cargo can be effected. Cargo and passenger Aircraft such as B747-200 F, B747-400 F or IL-76, AN 124-100, AN 225 and Helicopter such as MI-8 / MI-17 and MI 26 are ready to perform on a worldwide base for your individual charter requirements.

ACP, Cargo Aircraft Charter, Helicopter, AN 124-100, AN 225, IL 76, B747-200 F, B747-400 F, MD11 F, DC10-30F, MI-26, MI-8 We offer complex ACMI solutions for fixed and rotor wing aircrafts anywhere in the world and we can manage your fleet and related operations accordingly, we offer these to Governments as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's).

Global Passenger Aircraft Charter for location and re-location; from major global hubs to small airports or airfields; from standard flights to sensitive missions; we will provide the requested solution.

Mr. Andreas Czapp

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