MI-17 ACMI Transport Helicopter

The MIL MI-17 is a large transport helicopter, up to 4 tons of cargo, rear ramp system or clamb shell doors, large side sliding cargo door, external sling load capability, suitable for transportation of small cars, smal to midsize equipment for oil & gas industry, air & relief & peace keeping missions as well as military cargo and troop transportation support, fire fighting missions, maximum 36 passengers

Mil MI-17 Charter, Transport Helicopter,

How to lease an MI-17 Helicopter on ACMI base

To charter or lease the MI-17 helicopter you simply either give us a call and explain your charter needs or you do contact us via e-mail or telefax, it does not matter if you are interested in a one way charter flight, full round trip rotation or even an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) charter lease agreement, contact us and we will work on a charter contract which will suit your needs.

Cargo Cabin
Cargo Cabin Details MI-17 Transport Helicopter
General dimensions and information
Max take off weight 13.000 kgs
Max internal payload 4.000 kgs
Max external payload 4.000 kgs
Cargo cabin dimensions 5.37 2.34 1.80 meter
Crew member 3
maximum passengers 24
Ferry range 1.140 kms
Normal range 650 kms
Cruise speed 230 kms per hour
Fuel burn 850 liter per hour

General description and history, MI-8, MI-17 Russian helicopters

The MIL Mi-17 was formally launched in 1981, offering incremental improvements on the 1960’s MIL MI-8, aiming at refining the well proven rugged work-horse of a helicopter.

The principal elements of the upgrade include the following:

  • Improved operating envelope (Hot and High)
  • Improved fuel efficiency to increase range and endurance
  • Increased hover altitude
  • Higher TBO’s
  • Improved flight safety due to single engine in flight capability
  • Auto throttle (maintenance of rotor RPM)
  • Auto synchronisation of engines
  • Full AFCS

The MIL MI-17 is now the most cost effective transport helicopter in the world, a simple and robust design with very high reliability ideally suited for operations in low infrastructure environments away from base for prolonged periods with proven capability in temeratures ranging from +45° to -35° celsius degrees.

In the military sector (and FAA certified in the commercial sector as well) the MI-17 offers a very low cost alternative to the AS-332 “Super Puma”, the S-61 “Seaking” and even the EH101. Only the EH101 and the MI-17 offer ramp loading at the rear of the fuselage, higher MI-17 operating cost are more then offset by its low procurement cost.

The MI-17 currently offers the following standard configurations:


  • General battlefield support
  • Troop and cargo transportation
  • Fire suprression
  • Border control


  • Passenger and cargo transportation
  • Air Ambulance
  • Medium to large lift roles
  • VIP transportation

A comprehensive Flight Avionic ensures day and night VFR/IFR capability, the usual analogue (electro-mechanical) cockpit instrumentation is supplemented by:

  • Full (4 Axis) AFCS with heading and height hold autopilot
  • DIS-32-90 Doppler
  • Low Altitude Warning
  • 8A-813 Weather Radar
  • ADF, 2 VHF/UHF Radios, HF Radio, On board integrated communication system

Two 1.434 Kw Klimow TV3-117MT turboshafts power plants, should one engine stop output of the other increased automatically to contingency rating of 12,637 kw enabling flight to continue, APU for pneumatic engine starting.

A huge variety of additional equipment for military and commercial use if offered, from external cockpit armour, flare dispenser under tailboom, JR jammer, reinforced fuselage harness attachment points, rescue hoist, externally mounted long range fuel tanks, just to name some out of a large variety of options.

  • MI-8P Passenger version , 28 passengers , 400 kilometer range
  • MI-8PS VIP version
  • MI-17-IV 2 x TV3-117VM, 6000 meter service ceiling, 3980 meter hover ceiling
  • MI-17-1-VA Ambulance version
  • MI-17-IV Fire Fighting version , 3 cbm water intake in 18-20 seconds
  • MI-17-1V Military transport version
  • MI-17MD Military version
  • MI-17KF Western Avionics and integrated electrical systems
  • MI-171
  • MI-172
  • MI-8AMT
  • MI-8MTV5 Armord version

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