Port of Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s largest seaport and third largest in Europe, the gateway to and from Central & Northern & Eastern Europe.
ACP, Port of Hamburg, seaport, Germany, Europe, Sea Freight, Cargo, Far-East, South-East-Asia The unique strategic location allows us to benefit from hundreds of regular and weekly sailing frequencies of vessels to and from nearly all important seaports around the globe.

In the last years Hamburg’s sea-port has become the most important European sea-port for imports & exports to Eastern & Central & Northern Europe, specially from the Far-East and South-East-Asia.

With 140 million tons of cargo turnover, container, bulk, liquid and Ro-Ro shipments Hamburg is the transit hub for Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, Russia and Central Asia. Top Trading Partner for the Port of Hamburg in terms of annual turnover are China, Singapore, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil and Denmark.

Nearly 10 million container distributed per anno in Hamburg

  • 50,2% Asia
  • 33,2% Europe
  • 5,2% South America
  • 3,2% North America
  • 1,8% Africa
  • 0,4% Australia
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